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We are Frontida Records

A diverse team of engineers, designers, and health professionals helping medical clinics and hospitals take control and make data-driven decisions. We are passionate about leveraging our unique skillsets to create positive impact and make high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable to all.

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Scott Armanini

Executive Director

Scott Armanini is a servant-leader, player-coach and builder-operator who thrives at the intersection of disruptive startups, venture capital and large enterprises. Scott teaches Disruptive Innovation & Entrepreneurship at USC’s Jimmy Iovine & Andre (Dr. Dre) Young Academy for the Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation, coaching graduate student startups from 0 to 1 using frameworks, techniques and tools including Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, Agile development, Lean Startup and Lean LaunchPad, Jobs-to-be-Done, Blue and Red Oceans, Business Model and Value Proposition canvases, and others.

Johnny Lam

Johnny is a true Southern California native, hailing from the San Gabriel Valley. With a pragmatic approach to building relationships and a natural talent for pleasing people, Johnny has always approached his work with his company's best interests at the forefront. Before becoming an integral part of the ScaleHealth family, Johnny garnered experience at major players like UPS, Wells Fargo, and Intel Corp. Yet, it's Johnny's entrepreneurial spirit that truly defines him. Since then, Johnny has been a driving force behind various small business startups, hosted conferences to assist tech startups and budding entrepreneurs in their launch, and even invested in promising early-stage startups.

His areas of expertise span Operations Management, Time Study/Work Measurement, Business Development/Sales and a little dabbling in building relationships. When he's not immersed in the business world, Johnny finds solace in reading, outdoor adventures, constant learning, and the joy of forging connections with remarkable individuals. Johnny received his B.A.. in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside.

Judith Bain


Judy Bain serves as Board Chair for Frontida Records. Judy currently works as a pro bono nonprofit consultant supporting the varied needs of nonprofits in the Los Angeles area. Before launching her consulting practice in 2015, Judy was Vice President and General Counsel of Epson America, Inc., a subsidiary of the multinational Seiko Epson Corporation. Judy was Epson America’s first employed lawyer, starting the Legal Department in 1984 and was responsible for legal matters in North, Central and South America. Judy was also involved with several charitable and professional nonprofit boards including the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Southern California chapter and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles, working to find solutions to the many challenges facing nonprofit organizations. She is a graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and the University of California, Berkeley.

Lauren Yen

Co-Founder and Board Member

Lauren Yen is a co-founder of Frontida Records. She received her MS in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California. She served as the Executive Director of Frontida Records for 1.5 years and the co-founder of Torch, a non-profit focused on providing low-cost, low-tech solutions to increase comfort in tents and makeshift structures for the homeless in Los Angeles. She also conducted medical and public health research at the Los Angeles City Health Commission, Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics, the USC Keck School of Medicine, and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Lauren was named to the “20 in their 20s” List of Aspiring Entrepreneurs by the Los Angeles Business Journal. She will be attending medical school in Fall 2023.

Vivianna Camarillo

Co-Founder and Board Member

Vivianna is a co-founder of Frontida Records, where she currently serves on the Board of Directors and the product team. Along with co-founding Frontida Records, Vivianna is also a co-founder of Remedy, a non-profit creating secure, temperature-regulated medication storage for patients experiencing homelessness. Vivianna has worked in various medical clinics and conducted neuro-oncology research at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for two years. Vivianna received her BS in Neuroscience from the University of Southern California.

Kristof Osswald


Kristof is a co-founder of Frontida Records, where he serves on the Board of Directors and as Chief Technical Officer. He graduated from USC Viterbi School of Engineering in 2021 with a BS in Computer Science and currently works at Unity Technologies as a Software Engineer. He started with building out Frontida’s first product in Greece and has since then served as technical lead helping develop Frontida’s current product and technology stack. His experiences include developing services at a variety of companies both large and small. Mostly focused on creating web services, he has experience developing cloud based SaaS products, working on every aspect of a project: product and architecture design,
implementation and testing, security and threat analysis, and compliance review and certification.

Otto Yang

Product Committee

Dr. Yang is the associate chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is a physician scientist with a broad background ranging from running an HIV clinic in a state prison, to setting up a clinical laboratory in Malawi, to studying viral immunology and gene therapy. He graduated from Brown University Medical School in 1990, completed internship and residency in Internal Medicine at Bellevue Hospital-NYU in 1993, and completed fellowship and postdoctoral research training at Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard in 1997. After two years as faculty at Harvard Medical School, he joined the David Geffen School of Medicine in 1999, where he has had an active NIH-funded research laboratory studying cellular immunity and continued to see patients. He is the author of over 180 peer-reviewed scientific papers, holds multiple patents, and has been the mentor to numerous graduate students, postdoctoral students, and junior faculty.

Benjamin Kromnick

Finance Committee

Ben is a passionate product, strategy, and non-profit leader and investor who brings his experience in building innovative products and business in industries like healthcare, insurance, communications, and investments to his passions for social equity and efficiency applied to non-profit efforts focused in access to health and the development of new leadership communities. While he was raised in Southern California he has settled in San Francisco and is happiest when he can connect the dots for exactly the right people in his network to succeed together.

Jessica Williams

Founding Member

Jessica Williams is a co-founder of Frontida Records, serving in roles of operations and business development. She graduated from USC with a BA in neuroscience and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Beyond her experiences with Frontida, she has worked internationally for the Global Health Service Network in Myanmar and Laos. She led two medical research teams on the efficacy of aromatherapy in treating symptoms experienced by cancer patients and had her own abstract on the topic accepted for publication in the Journal of Investigative Medicine: Jan 2020.With a passion for the nonprofit space, she has served in various positions at Make-A-Wish, AdvanceOC, and the Ronald McDonald House. She is now working at Deloitte in business transformation and looks forward to continuing bringing her skill set to embolden Frontida’s incredible mission.

Laura Roed

Founding Member

Laura specializes in delivering exceptional product experiences and has a background in design, computer science, marketing, and business. Frontida Records is the second company she has founded with Lauren Yen. She received her Bachelor of Sciences in Art, Technology, and the Business of Innovation from the University of Southern California and she is currently an Experience Design consultant at EY. She developed Frontida Record’s first suite of products and helped lead Frontida’s growth strategy. At USC, she worked in a biology lab doing UI/UX design for cancer research analytics tools and also helped design a wearable device for hospitals.

Jordan Palmer

Founding Member

Jordan Palmer is a co-founder of Frontida Records where he served as the team’s business lead for a year. He graduated from the USC Marshall School of Business with a B.S. in Business Administration and a minor in tech entrepreneurship in 2021. Jordan has been involved with multiple startups throughout his career, where he has served in business development and leadership roles. He played a significant role in developing Frontida’s business model, pricing strategy, and financial models. As a board member, Jordan now acts as an advisor to Frontida’s business and customer acquisition teams. Jordan currently works as an associate consultant at PwC Strategy&’s Deals Strategy practice where he advises private-equity and corporate clients on mergers & acquisitions and growth strategy.

Quincy Guenther

Founding Member

Quincy Guenther is a co-founder of Frontida Records. He graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in neuroscience from the University of Southern California. He served as the Chief Strategy Officer for Frontida Records for 1 year, and has served in various other roles. He has worked for the Joint United Nations Programme for HIV/AIDS in Dakar, Senegal, and for the hospital director of the Hopital Bon Samaritain in Limbé, Haiti. In Senegal, he reported to the UNAIDS country director on de-medicalized ART treatment delivery and organizational operations across local, national, and international NGOs.

Kristof Oswald


Ria Xi

Head of Product

Maria Payton


Vibha Dabholkar


Vivian Pae

Medical Specialist

Rebecca Zhang


Ziyi Xu


Madeline Kim

Product Designer

Kamryn Scott

Client Outreach Intern

Aisha Yamamoto

Eastern Europe Team Lead

Nick Enriquez

Head of Business

Josh Manlutac

Data Scientist

Jacquelyn Li

Business Developer

Jacqueline Quach

Business Developer

Cole Benedict

Business Developer

Octavio Gonzalez

Political Strategy Analyst

Alexandra Stanczak

Eastern Europe Co-Lead

Liyanna Baloca

Head of Marketing

Ariana Zieline Castro


Angelique Calma

Digital Content

Megan Pantiskas

Website Development

Ariana Zieline Castro

Grant Writer

Krishna Parekh

Grant Writer

Wenqian Li

Nonprofit Development

Brayden Windes

Nonprofit Development

Cameron Sue

Nonprofit Developer

Katya Gonzalez

Grant Writer

Caitlin Monica Subijanto

Nonprofit Development

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