UN-Approved as a Ready-to-Deploy, Ready-to-Scale Solution
Frontida Records works with NGO partners all around the globe
to help make high-quality healthcare accessible to all.

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Angelia Clinic (Ukraine)

Founded in 2014, Angelia Clinic is a a mental and physical health clinic based in Kyiv, Ukraine that supports migrants from Eastern Ukraine, disabled people, elderly people, women, and children, while cooperating with ADRA Ukraine, ADRA Canada, ADRA Germany.

Since July, 2022, Angelia Clinic have traveled shelter-to-shelter using Frontida Records EHR software to care for patients in areas of Ukraine devastated by war.

Children of War Foundation (Jordan)

Children of War Foundation (COWF) works to deliver access to global health and education for communities affected by poverty, war, natural disaster, discrimination, climate change, isolation, and migration challenges.

Polish Medical Mission (Poland)

Polish Medical Mission (PMM) helps victims of wars, natural disasters, and calamities internationally.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, Frontida create an inventory management system to help PMM track supplies, hospital needs requests, and ingoing/outgoing shipments.

Floating Doctors (Panama)

Floating Doctors brings health care and community development to remote or underserved areas of the world.

Since October, 2021, Floating Doctors has relied on Frontida EHR software to care for thousands of residents living in 30 remote, low-resource communities around Bocas del Toro, Panama.

Transit Initiatives (Afghanistan)

During the chaotic fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, Frontida created and deployed a custom data management tool for Transit Initiatives to manage, triage, and transport thousands of Afghan citizens - helping save their lives.

Crisis Management Association (Greece) - Our Origin Story

CMA provides health and dental care for vulnerable refugees and displaced persons - including Europe's largest refugee camp, Camp Moria, on the island of Lesbos, Greece, which Team Frontida visited in early 2020.

After the camp was destroyed by arsonist in September, 2020, we launched our Electronic Health Records solution, enabling CMA to improve triage and overall medical services for thousands of refugees.

Make healthcare accessible to all
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