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Frontida Records is dedicated to creating modular, cloud-based health documentation solutions which are highly customized to meet our clients' needs. Our secure and user-friendly platform empowers patients, physicians, healthcare administrators, and public health officials for better patient outcomes and efficiency.

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Our Services

Electronic Health Records
Our goal is to empower clinicians and patients through health documentation, creating transparency into medical activity and disease spread.
Triage & Case Management
In high density clinics, patients often need to be triaged. We work with clinics to design triage systems that fit the their resources and needs.
Data Analytics
Data analytic capabilities is key for having an overview of patient demographics and health, but also to convince donors of your impact.
Custom-Made Solutions
The flexibility of our platform allows us to adapt to our client needs - creating custom tools for a variety of medical documentation needs

Pharma Inventory

Accurate inventory information is key for saving time, resources, and money, but can also mean life or death in emergency situations.
Disease Tracking
After COVID-19, we developed ways to incorporate disease tracking into our products to allow health actors to react in real-time to infection updates.

Frontida strives to follow the highest security & privacy standards set out by GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO. We are ready to control and maintain records in regions around the world complying with local and international laws.

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Our Value


Improved Patient Outcomes

With treatment no longer fragmented, doctors can more effectively treat patients and can even prepare for patients in advance, allocating resources seamlessly.


Informed Decisions

The data collected allows for accurate resource allocation, tracking of medical trends, locating medical problems, and preventing the spread of disease in real-time.


Reduced Costs & Increased Donations

By increasing efficiency and creating a knowledge base of what resources are needed when, Frontida saves clinics time and money. With data as proof of their impact, clinics are able to get more money to support their work!

Patient access

Continuation of Care

With an added patient portal, Frontida aims to ensure that patients will have access to their medical history, allowing them to take their health information with them anywhere they travel for a continuation of care.

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