Accessible healthcare technology for the world’s vulnerable

We’re a nonprofit building health documentation solutions to empower humanitarian providers and improve the quality of care in underserved communities around the globe.


customizable digital forms developed


organizations onboarded


of patients served in 10+ countries


average decrease in documentation time after deployment

Our work

Empowering both doctors and patients everywhere

Paper-records are cumbersome, unreliable, and often lost, especially when retrieving a patient’s history. In removing these difficulties, Frontida’s EHR allows providers and clinicians to streamline their care and do what they do best: care for their patients.

Our vision

Impact-driven mission

Frontida envisions a future where all people can receive high-quality healthcare regardless of background, circumstance, or status. We create customizable health documentation solutions to meet medical clinics' highly specific needs, empowering medical providers for better patient outcomes and efficiency.

Our product

Modular health documentation solutions

Frontida’s health documentation tools are customized to meet the exact needs of healthcare teams on the frontlines—with or without WiFi.

Electronic Health Records

We design customizable, modular health record systems to create & sort patient medical records, ultimately creating transparency into medical operations and information on disease spread.

Pharmacy Inventory

Our platform tracks inventory in real-time, which is crucial for saving time and resources that could prevent life or death emergency situations.

Rapid Customization

The flexibility of our platform allows us to adapt to our client needs - creating customizable tools for a variety of medical documentation needs.

Data Analytics

Data allows for accurate patient charts, easy sharing of information, efficient resource allocation, performance evaluation, and disease tracking to react to infection updates in real-time.

Make healthcare accessible to all
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