Victory at NVSC

July 21, 2022

Ziyi Xu, Lauren Yen, and Aaron Ly gleefully holding a large $15,000 check from Lloyd Greif for the 2022 NVSC Silver Award at the Marcia Israel Awards Banquet.

During the Marcia Israel Awards Banquet, the USC Marshall School of Business announced that Frontida won second place in the New Venture Seed Competition (NVSC). Hosted by the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, we competed against 270 companies. 

Across five workshops, we received incredible mentorship from members of USC’s illustrious network:

  • Albert Napoli
    Albert Napoli is the Senior Lecturer of Clinical Entrepreneurship at the USC Marshall School of Business.
  • ShiaoFong Yin
    As the Managing Partner of the Technology, Education, and Lifescience Enterprises (TEALE) Group, ShiaoFong Yin invests in female-founded enterprises that have a technological, educational, and/or biological focus.
  • Don Loewel
    Don Loewel is the Executive Director of the Pasadena City College Small Business Development Center. He has worked with a variety of USC competitions for nearly a decade. 

As the weeks progressed, our team won an additional $1,500 for joining the semifinal round. Ultimately, we presented at the final Top Five Companies pitch and had the opportunity to be congratulated by Lloyd Greif himself!

We will allocate the $16,500 award to support clinics under our Frontida Commitment fund, including Ukraine relief efforts.

We thank the Lloyd Greif Center for the tools to fortify our business model and expand as a sustainable nonprofit. Moreover, we are grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our commitment to our global patients. 

A big thank you, too, to the Frontida community for making this happen—it took our collective efforts to win this.

Today, our team is documenting the care of over 10,000 patients in the rural coastal communities of Bocas del Toro, Panama. If you want to hear more about our latest health and humanitarian aid initiatives, sign up for our newsletter.

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