The Story of Frontida Records

July 21, 2022

Last year, our team traveled twice to Camp Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp, located on the island of Lesbos, Greece. Holding upwards of 13,000 refugees, the camp was terribly overcrowded, with residents living in poor conditions. While we were there, we learned that health providers were overwhelmed with the number of patients requiring treatment each day, and that refugee patients lacked access to their medical records after they left the camp. In addition, Greek refugee camps were using a paper-based health record system which was difficult to manage and was quite disorganized. Without a centralized health documentation system, refugee patients were receiving fragmented and inadequate treatment, and without accurate health data, public health officials and administrators are unable to efficiently monitor a refugee camp’s medical wellbeing. Doctors were struggling and refugee patients were not getting the treatment they deserved.

Refugees are one of the world’s most vulnerable populations, and when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the need to protect them became even greater. Clinicians at Camp Moria reported an urgent need for tools that would help them quickly document and analyze refugee data. Therefore, in March 2020 our team came together to form Frontida Records. Frontida Records is an international nonprofit dedicated to creating modular, cloud-based health documentation solutions for the world’s most vulnerable patient groups and their providers. Our systems use advanced user-friendly technologies to collect reliable medical data and empower patients, physicians, healthcare administrators, and public health officials.

We’re incredibly grateful for all of our advisors, mentors, supporters, and partners. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you. As we head into the next year, we’re excited to keep working hard and help improve healthcare for those who need it most!

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