A Big Thank You to AHN and the Inherrited Roots Project!

March 2, 2023

This 2023, Frontida will work to digitize patient records across The Gambia. Affordable Human Needs (AHN) and the Inherited Roots Project have been instrumental in the initial stages of this process. Earlier in January, AHN and the Inherited Roots Project partnered with us to organize our month-long healthcare investigation of The Gambia, Uganda, and Rwanda while connecting us with informed authorities.

AHN originally arose from a need for clean water in numerous Rwandan villages. Existing water filters were too expensive to implement in every community in need, so AHN designed the PEACEFilter to sanitize drinking water at a fraction of the expense. Today, the filter also supports communities in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

AHN strives to expand access to high-quality innovations in low-resource communities across the globe. To ensure that many more people have their basic needs met, the organization supplies vital technologies and necessities at low costs for government programs, NGOs, and charitable organizations assisting these communities.

Malick Leo Manga, a member of AHN, and Bill Haley, Jr., the grandson of Alex Haley, the illustrious author of the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family, lead the Inherited Roots Project to support the sustainable development of Africa in areas such as healthcare. 

We would like to give a warm thank you to AHN and the Inherited Roots Project for making our needs assessments in The Gambia, Uganda, and Rwanda a success!

Ariana Castro

Ariana Castro is a nonprofit copywriter and grant writer at Frontida Records. She is a second-year UCLA student majoring in English and minoring in Digital Humanities.


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