Techstars Blackstone LaunchPad Week 4 Update

July 21, 2022

Mentor Week with Techstars Propels Frontida Forward

After 4 weeks of our participation in the we wanted to provide an update to share the progress of how this incredible program has helped us develop as an organization.

Throughout this process, various members of our team have attended and participated in virtual workshops with Blackstone and Techstars mentors, where we have learned more about the ways to grow our organization. After learning about different leadership styles from the “Leadership and Teaming Workshop”, we were able to open up a team conversation about each person’s strengths and drawbacks and how we could communicate better as a team. In the “Customer Discovery Workshop”, we learned a great tool for rating different customer segments based on market size, pain/gain, and accessibility.

In just the last week, our team has met with 8 different advisors that have provided insights, critiques, and connections which have provided our team with useful information about how we can facilitate growth. The guidance we have received from the diverse group of Blackstone mentors has been invaluable to our team, and we have already seen major improvements in the capabilities and structure of our organization.

Learn more about Blackstone Techstars and the #LaunchpadFellowship program

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