Beyond EHRs: Serving 100+ Families with Refugee Health Alliance

July 21, 2022

Since 2018, Refugee Health Alliance (RHA) has been uplifting refugees and asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border. They continue to provide medical care to over 30 shelters in Tijuana, Mexico, adeptly meeting the high demands of COVID-19. 

Frontida Records visited two of RHA’s pop-up clinics on February 19, delivering medical equipment donations from Blueprints for Pangaea. We enlisted the support of 23 volunteers from our team, the USC MS Global Medicine program, the LA County Department of Public Health, and Quest Diagnostics. Swiftly arriving and setting up, on-ground professionals attended to the needs of patients at equal speed. Aided by our passionate volunteers, triaging and prescriptions became focused and efficient processes. 

In the past, we witnessed hundreds of orphaned and hungry children at RHA’s largest camp. To help out, we organized a donation drive for essentials and handwritten letters of encouragement. We gained the support of 20 Key Club chapters from Division 16 East, an international organization that forwards community service and high school leadership. Together, we collected food, clothes, toiletries, medication, and letters written in Spanish and Haitian-Creole for refugees. We assembled these donations into over 200 tote bags, sorting out clothes to distribute separately.

Children dashed around the clinic above, bursting with excitement at their bags of treats and new outfits. After receiving her prescription, a grandmother clutched a dress close to her heart; she had such an indescribable joy etched on her face. The Frontida team would like to thank RHA, donors, and volunteers for the opportunity to effectively serve 100+ families!

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