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Low on funds? We can help

Frontida is committed to making sure our tools are accessible to all. The Frontida Fellowship is a program that can help subsidize the cost of your digital solution.

Your eligible if:
1. Your patients receive treatment for free
2. You're serving a rural, developing, or underserved community
3. Your organization does not have enough funding

Greece CMA                           Floating Doctors     
Goal: $10,800

Current Fellowship Recipients

Floating Doctors logo

Floating Doctors


Floating Doctors brings health care and community development to remote or underserved areas of the world. To help improve operations, Frontida and Floating Doctors deployed an Electronic Health Record System in Panama in October 2021.

Goal: $5,800

Previous Clients

Greece CMA Logo

Crisis Management Association


C.M.A. focuses on providing health and dental care for vulnerable refugees and displaced persons and requested our help launching a custom triage and health record system. In October 2020, we launched in Lesbos, Greece.

Goal: $5,000

Transit Initiatives


In response to the crisis in Afghanistan, Transit Initiatives asked Frontida to help deploy a custom data management tool for managing and triaging evacuees. We launched with the team in September 2021.

Upcoming Clients

Children of War Foundation logo

Children of War


Children of War Foundation (COWF) works  to deliver access to global health and education for communities affected by poverty, war, natural disaster, discrimination, climate change, isolation, and migration challenges. A project in which Frontida will develop an EHR for COWF's international teams is upcoming.

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